Un-boxing the Smittybilt Roof Top Tent

 As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the tent is shipping to you freight be prepared!  The same goes for unboxing the tent. Give your self plenty of space.  There isn’t an over abundance of packing material but the box alone is a beast.

Starting with the packaging you’ll find a pretty sturdy box that may be pretty worn looking. Its a long way from the manufacturing plant in China.  Who knows what kinds of adventures your tent has already been on.  The thick boxing material is both wrapped with 4 standard straps but also taped.  I did not notice any staples in the packaging.  I appreciated that as I would worry about the potential for tearing of the tent material.   With the cardboard pulled off you’ll find two sheets of thick packing material sandwiching the tent.   I actually kept them as they were pretty substantial and would be great for a project at a later date.

Once the packaging is pull off the tent and out of the way you’ll want to orient the tent with the bottom side down.  Remember, the tent is pretty big, make sure you’ve got the space to unfold!  

How to find the bottom?  Well, the first thing to note is that the bottom of the tent has a wide Velcro strip for the storage cover to attach to.  With that in mind, you know that’s your bottom.

Unstrapping!  The tent will be held in place with 6 nylon straps.  Two will cross the entire tent holding it down length wise.  Each side will have two straps on the sides.   They are easily pulled out and will hang loosely to the sides.

The moment you’ve been waiting for… Unfold your tent!    As the tent is unfolded, straps that run along the inside of the tent will pull the built in tent poles in to place.  Once the tent has been open for a few minutes all of its components will settle in to place.

Unpacking the tent contents! Your installation guide, rain fly poles, mounting hardware, electrical connections, ladder, shoe bag and frame rails are all packed on the tent floor.  Inside the tent the mattress is also already laid out and Velcro’d to the floor.


That’s it for un-boxing.  If you’re not immediately installing your tent, be sure to keep your parts in a safe place!


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